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When a woman, born and raised inside the Mob, decides that she wants out - out of her marriage and out of the world of the Mob - she has to take matters into her own hands. 





She uses her wits, her courage and all the tricks she learned as a child of the Mob, just in order to survive.





To quote one of her pursuers, "She’s smart, she knows both worlds, is well connected, and, if cornered, she will put an ice pick in your eye.”


 Reviews from Amazon.com: "This was a great book to the very end...The book kept me engaged just like a great action/suspense movie, trying to guess what the next move for the characters would be. Felt like I was watching the story unfold before me. Can't wait for the next book! Fantastic!"


 "This is perfect for an electronic book as it reads fast and is easy to keep up with even if there are distractions about, which will disappear as one becomes obsessed with what happens next. I am a big fan of fiction, TV shows, and movies with strong female characters. This novel fits right into that niche for me."



Reviews from Barnes and Noble: "Highly recommend this book!"


"I wasn't initially sure how well I would like this book but started reading it based on my wife's recommendation. After the first half chapter I was hooked and could not put the book down. It is non-stop action, the characters are well developed and the book give you a real insight into life inside the mob."


 "Good read with well developed characters."

"Good read with well developed characters. Easy to like the "good guys" and dislike the "bad guys"... and there were plenty of both! I liked the attention to detail of the secondary characters, too. This is an interesting premise and I thought it was handled realistically. I really enjoyed it and look forward to more."


 "Edge of your seat!"

"This was a very entertaining book that kept me reading all night. You can't help but pull for Beverly and hope that she crushes the "bad guys". This was a very well-written book that is impossible to put down, and I look forward to reading more from John Kraft."

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     After years of writing, editing, and rewriting -- and lots of coffee -- my new book is now available. It's being published in ebook format and can be found at your favorite ebook sellers.




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